Protect Your Family & Home

Budget-Friendly Protection & Flexibility

It’s a digital world, and your home can be digital too, at an affordable price. Modern, low-cost sensors and devices allow you to monitor an control your home wherever you are! Enjoy 100% accessibility from virtually any smart mobile device or Internet connection. You choose how to receive alerts by email, text message or phone call.

Choose the Devices That are Right for You

Wabash Watch offers a total customizable package to meet your specific needs.

Equipment and installation charges are determined by the equipment you choose. Purchase equipment outright or choose a two or three year agreement.

*Price does not include applicable taxes. Wabash is not liable for any potential or actual loss or damage to person or property that may occur minor at the premises.

Thanks to Wabash Watch,
Having a Secure Home is Now Affordable

Using your internet connection or smart mobile device, you can:

  • View Live Surveillance Video Feed
  • Receive Alarm Alerts
  • Control Security Including Remote Door Locks
  • Monitor Motion Detection
  • Manage Your Energy Usage
  • Control Your Thermostat Remotely
  • Monitor Carbon Monoxide
  • Detect Water Leaks
  • Open Doors for Guests or Deliveries

Home Control, Family Protection, & Added Freedom

Wabash Watch offers home automation solutions you control from any smart mobile device or Internet connection. Especially comforting for parents, it lets you unlock a door to let children in and secures the door behind them; or you simply receive an email when they arrive home from school.

Save money through energy efficiency, monitor your vacation home, or even be alerted if your elderly family member hasn’t moved throughout the house. Enjoy the peace of mind of true home monitoring.

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