Connecting Rural America

What are Smart Rural Communities?

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is building a better broadband future for rural America. Proudly representing more than 850 independent, family-owned and community-based telecommunications companies, NTCA helps members build and deliver broadband connectivity and operate essential services in rural and small-town communities across the U.S.

NTCA is committed to advancing policies to help close the digital divide and advocates on behalf of its members in the legislative and regulatory arenas and provides educational programming, training and development by publishing comprehensive industry research, conducting in person and virtual events and offering an array of employee benefit programs.

Building & Delivering Connectivity

Map of Communites

A Smart Rural Community is about connection—neighbors to friends, teachers to students, doctors to patients, new businesses to customers, and a community to the world. Connected by fiber broadband we can achieve more, together.

Benefits of Being a Smart Rural Community

Experience the advantages of living and owning a home or business in a Smart Rural Community, where innovation meets the tranquility of rural living. Enjoy seamless connectivity, advanced infrastructure, and sustainable practices, enhancing your quality of life. From efficient public services to cutting-edge technology, Smart Rural Communities offer a unique blend of modern amenities and the charm of rural landscapes, making them an ideal choice for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.