Internet & Phone Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Business Internet

Get Your Internet Up to Speed with Your Business

Wabash has customized internet solutions for businesses of ALL sizes. Wabash Internet is distributed using light wave technology through a fiber-optic cable to deliver superior data, voice, and video capabilities.


Experience the internet like never before with speeds up to 1Gbps through our fiber-optic service. Easily share information through the instantaneous upload/download of files.

Large Bandwith

Power offices & teams of all sizes with fiber internet. For businesses with a high need for data transmission, it is easy to “hit the cap” on your cable width. No need to worry about that anymore with Wabash!


Fiber Internet connectivity offers significant reliability advantages over other Internet connectivity because fiber is not affected by things that affect other internet connections, such as weather and electromagnetic interference.


Wabash Business Internet runs on a dedicated, private fiber-optic network and not the open internet.

Resists Interference

If your organization shares a telecommunications room with other businesses, fiber-optic internet can protect your connectivity from disappearing.


Fast Internet is considered to be a productivity tool for businesses. Eliminating speed issues could result in a week’s worth of productivity increases each year.

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Unify all Your Voice, Data, Video & Chat into a Single, Easy-to-Use Platform

Business Phone

Wabash consolidates all communications from anywhere, on any device, in real-time. Seamlessly integrate phone, conferencing, chat, SMS, and messaging to simplify & streamline your communications organization-wide.

Our Benefits

  • Accelerates business cycle time
  • Reduces costly legacy system maintenance
  • Unifies and simplifies management tasks
  • Optimizes productivity with real-time connectivity
  • Enables 24/7 remote access
  • Improves collaboration among teams & partners
  • Streamlines customer communications
  • Generates innovative work solutions

Primary Features

  • Complete call control (forward, logs, monitor transfer, record, etc.)
  • Seamless conferencing (video, voice & screen share)
  • Mobile app and softphone
  • Built-in enterprise-class contact center
  • Custom integrations
  • Security & fraud detection
  • Web user portal and much more…

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