Become an Ambassador

Help Spread the Word in Your Area

What is an Ambassador?

An ambassador is someone who shows a high willingness to represent Wabash Communication fiber internet in their community. This is the quickest way to receive our fiber internet, you will work one-on-one with one of our marketing agents to develop and create a “roadmap” that you will use to approach your neighbors and show them how to express interest. Once enough interest is gained then you will be on your way to receive our fiber internet.

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Name, Dietrich City Ambassador

Become an Ambassador Today!

Step 1 - Contact Us

Tell us why you would be the perfect candidate to be a brand ambassador. Once completed you will receive an email from us that highlights all the perks and duties of an ambassador, including how our process works to bring your neighborhood fiber.

Step 2 - Receive a Call from Us

Over the phone we will go over your duties as an ambassador and how we can work together to achieve the common goal of providing fiber to your community.

Step 3 - Use Marketing Materials

You will get an email attachment of the marketing materials needed, once downloaded you will be able to help us spread the word and bring ultra high speed fiber internet to your area.

Step 4 - Become a Platinum Ambassador

Platinum Ambassadors are those go above and beyond to spread the word in their community. The Platinum ambassador status is based upon your level of commitment and not based on time, so anyone can make it to Platinum level. When you become one you receive a gift bag full of Wabash Communications custom ambassador gear, along with tumblers, and premium marketing materials.