Custom Website Design

These days, Custom Website Design takes a bit more than creating some custom web design graphics and typing some words. It takes the knowledge of placement and what each type of business needs. Compass Web Studio, specializes in custom web design and takes it to the highest degree for clients. Our partner Compass Web Studio integrates the latest web design tactics for all pages and sites we create. Compass Web Studio also uses today’s top custom website design platforms, and this assists in the proper web design structure and results in the performance expected from custom web design.

This is the performance expected by our clients and potential clients. To view some of Compass Web Studio‘s latest custom website design techniques, check out portfolio below. This will provide a solid look at what our web designers and developers can do for you and your business.

Custom Website Design Starts with The Concept

Here at Wabash, a custom website design concept is essential and customized to each particular web design project. The concept and custom website design work hand-in-hand and differ from site to site. This depends upon the customer recommendations. The custom website design is the end result of concept, page content, and web design related images customized for each of our clients’ recommended needs.

The focus of Compass Web Studio, our website design team, within each and every web design project, is always on the one major factor, the client. Our custom website design and development team is here to listen, create a concept, optimize it to fit your vision of your business.

Mobile Website Design

Having an optimized mobile website design  can really set your business apart from the competition.

With smartphones today, like the iPhone and Google Android devices, having a website formatted for smaller screens can make mobile website design a smoother browsing experience.

Mobile website design is making progress every day as more and more developers launch mobile-optimized interfaces. The great thing about a mobile website design is that it is fundamentally created with the same tools used in custom website design and development.

Providing a mobile website design for phones, along with a full size option for computers, is crucial for your business. There are several factors in creating a mobile website design. Business goals, including mobile website design, should be considered when designing a mobile-friendly website, which is accessible at all hours, and we can help you identify those goals.

Compass Web Studio has the knowledge and experience to boost the website design for your business beyond the desktop computers to all mobile platforms.

Mobile Website Design – Layout

With mobile internet use set to surpass desktop internet use in the US by 2015, it’s important for all businesses to provide a great user-friendly experience for their visitors, no matter what device they’re on. Responsive mobile website design allows Compass Web Studio to create one website solution that is flexible for different screen widths. The positive thing about creating your website with an integrated mobile website design platform is that there is no starting over from scratch. We build it once, and build it right.

Compass Web Studio can take your company’s existing website design layout and manipulate it into the new mobile web design, without losing original content. Give us a call, and let Compass Web Studio bring your customers to your site on all platforms with a new converted mobile website design.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from free listings on major search engines because you play by their rules. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing display these search results to millions of people, but web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

With Compass Web Studio, you have the knowledge of how that works, and we will make sure your website and content are search engine optimized. The pivotal part of getting found on the web’s most popular search engines and directories will be a piece of cake. Compass Web Studio uses the latest SEO software and search engine optimization trends available today to assure the highest placement in the most popular search engines and directories (getting you closer to the top of the search results.) SEO optimization is a necessity for all web pages today more than ever, and, without having a skilled company assisting with the art of search optimization, just posting a website will not get the traffic you really need. Compass Web Studio has experienced developers and marketers to not only place but to optimize your company’s website SEO to stay at the top of all the search engines and directories.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The most important aspect of search engine optimization is defining the key words of the website. This will help the search engine algorithm to index the website properly and list it under the proper keywords. Compass Web Studio will direct the visibility of your business online towards your personal customer audience. Compass Web Studio will assist in building links that point to your website so the major search engines will consider your site to be reputable and informative. Sites that are reputable will be listed much higher in search engine rankings than sites that are deemed uninformative.
Just like the importance of website links, social media is also important to the reputation of a website SEO. Compass Web Studio also creates the social SEO portion for your website in order to be ranked high in the major search engines.


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