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Calling Cards

  • Must be using a touch tone line
  • No surcharges apply
  • Easy to use
  • Anywhere in the Continental U.S.
  • Billed in six second increments after the first minute
  • Only $.25 per minute

The WIN Advantage Calling Card...

  • Big Savings with your WIN Advantage Calling Card using 800-755-EASY
    • You can save by using your WIN Advantage Calling Card instead of calling collect, billing to a third number or using operator-assisted calls. Our low rate of $.25 per minute makes using the WIN Advantage Calling Card easy and affordable to use from anywhere in the Continental U.S. Unlike Most other calling cards, your WIN Advantage Calling Card charges will be included on your regular monthly bill.
  • Features
    • Your WIN Advantage Calling Card offers a feature called Additional Call Placement. When making several calls or receiving a busy signal you can return to the voice prompt to enter another number by pressing # twice. This saves you time in re-entering your calling card number each time.
  • Using your calling card without using the WIN access number and using it outside of the U.S.
    • You can use your calling card number without using the 800-755-EASY number and use it outside of the U.S. by following the instructions on the reverse side of the sheet. If you are planning a trip outside of the U.S., please contact our office to make sure your card is authorized in the data base to make calls outside of the U.S. (a higher rate will apply)




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